The Break Into the Story

Whenever you want to use words in an improv, there is a whole world of meaning and style that opens up to you. Kind of overwhelming! – and often you find yourself being stuck in not even knowing where to start. (This is where I will bring the non-scientific statistic, that probably 50% of word-improvs are about singing, inspiration and love) Well, the words section on the cards will serve you as a helper for this!


The words are organized in 3 columns. 1st column adjectives – 2nd nouns – 3rd verbs. The words are pretty random, and your job is to connect the words in any random way you like. By following this method you will get surprising poetic pictures like “Happy strawberries walking on the dirty mountain …”. Let this be your starting point, and expand the story by using your imagination. If you get stuck, you might want to use the card again, but you don’t have to! Rather let your stream of consciousness elaborate on the starting topic.



The bitter clover suddenly quit looking to the sky. And ask itself: “Why is my job to give other people luck, when all I do is standing here everyday” …


The clever eye. Never sees the wrong doings of its master. Never touches the sky. Never closes for the night.


Quiet was the earthquake inside me. It lastet for a year. Brimstone and warm guts erupted out of my pores while the leaves of the winter hovered to the ground in competition with the snow. Quiet was the earthquake inside of me.

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