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I’m sitting with 10 cards – how do I use them?

The cards you are holding are meant as a midwife for your improv group. They can be used for warming up the group or to break habits. In short, the cards are inspiration for your vocal improv sessions!

Each card features

  • 5 categories
  • 1 word section (9 words)
  • A cute animal (with no function what so ever – please give them one!)

Let the limitations set you free – and push you to new places

In my experience, rehearsing improv through different frameworks is the most rewarding approach. The cards offer you just that – frameworks. As you and your group practice these frameworks, they become a language which you can access during performances, or when improvising freely. Also the frameworks has the ability to challenge you into leaving your comfort zone and discover new land. Not a bad idea! Go explore! And make up your own frameworks with your group as well.

Read my ideas of use – and share your own

You can find ideas-instructions in the posts on this site (see menu below on mobile-devices, right on computers). I will encourage you – and your group – to be innovative about how to use the cards. Don’t let this be the book of answers. Develop new ideas yourselves, refine the ones here and then share them on this site!

Group sizes

At this point the game has only been tested in a group of 7 people. Try out with your group – and share you experience here!

Enjoy your process – and remember

  • Don’t be afraid to “fail”.
  • Go somewhere new!
  • Don’t let the cards get in the way of connect with each other.
  • Stay loose and have fun!

Kristian Skårhøj
(Game developer)

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