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Navigating Autonomy in Improv Music

Managing Autonomy We need to learn how to manage autonomy and it calls for the musician and the composer in us. Connecting with your own source The source of music has vanished, or more accurately relocated. The source used to be sheet music or the like, but in improv no external source is dictating you. […]

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What Does It Take to Improvise?

Entrainment – Autonomy – Mastery Autonomy Compared to conventional choral music, (group) improvised choral music alters one very important parameter of the whole system. It gives autonomy to each singer. Conventional choral music is predetermined by sheet music and rehearsed ideas, whereas improvised music is determined by the independent contributions of each singer. Each singer […]

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What is improvisation?

I say jump, you say cheese! When engaging oneself in improv I think it is appropriate to take a moment and consider what it is and why you wanna do it? I have found, through the years, that the concept of improvisation may take many shapes and interpretations. One person said: “It is putting together […]

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