Texture (Category)


What is texture?

Texture are simply the vowels and especially the consonants you are adding to your tone. Consider a piece of art, or a piece of clothing. Texture and material quality matters a lot to the feel of  the end product. So it is with song. This category lets you focus on the texture of your notes and eexpand your vocabulary!


Each card has 2-3 consonants. Explore thes consonants with any chosen vowels. When you feel you said it all – keep going. The continued exploration of the limited possibilities will make you move from the obvious to new interesting sounds. This is a great way of expanding your gibberish vocabulary.

Category elements

  • D • m
  • W • m
  • F • K • T
  • G • n
  • S • B
  • P • F
  • Rrr • G
  • H • D
  • T • L
  • Z • D


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