Roles (Category)


The idea of “Roles” is to let each singer act from a more abstract function, than they do with Instrument and Rhiannon.

Suggestion for use:

Each singer draws a card. The roles are interpreted by each singer. The roles are

  • Inventor (x2)
  • Follower (x2)
  • Repeater
  • Caller
  • Responder
  • Stabilizer
  • Orator
  • Conductor

You should make your own interpretations, but allow me to share my thoughts behind the topics.


Singer who “invent” new music. Could be a pattern, which they are free to change whenever they feel like it. The Inventor is proactive in composing the piece and takes initiatives to evolve the music. The Inventor, however, is not a solo part.


This singer should “hook up” with another role, and follow them in some way. Most often this would be an Inventor. The follower makes a harmony or sings unison with the inventor – or in another way becomes a shadow of another part.


Like the follower, the repeater doesn’t make up their own material. They steal it! The repeater takes phrases and echo them. This could be different phrases, or it could be a compulsory echo of a steady pattern or riff. The echo or kanonized theme is the point.


The Caller makes “calls” – like we know the concept from Gospel or African music etc. The Callers role could also be interpreted as a soloist. But try not to cover the music in wall-to-wall singing … It is called a Caller because this singer tries to make a conversation with the other parts. He or she calls – and listen for answers.


The Responder responds to something in the music. This would usually be the Callers phrase. The respond is not an echo or repetition, but more like an answer to the call or impulse catched in the music.


The Stabilizer’s job is to … well … stabilize the song. Add the pattern that consolidates the song. This would often mean some pattern oriented around the downbeats. It could also be percussion, bassline or any other pattern that grounds the song.


The Orator is thought of as a singer bringing words into the music. Wether the words are song, spoken, gibberish, memorized poems or repeated single words, it is all about bringing words to the music. The Responder, Repeater or Follower might hook up with the orator.


The Conductor has permission to conduct the piece. This could be by setting tempo, showing dynamics, muting out parts or stopping the whole thing.
You might wanna leave out the conductor, and probably not have more than one, in case you use more than one set of game cards.

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