The Improv Game

GAME: The Songs of the Moment Improv Game is a set of cards offering you hours of new fun when improvising with your friends.

CD: Realm of Play

CD: What would a modern “pentecost oratorio” sound like? Kristian Skårhøj offers an answer with the Realm of Play choral album.

Songs of the Moment NORDIC

ENSEMBLE: The nordic dreamteam of improv ensembles. 7 a cappella singers from reknowned groups as The Real Group, Rajaton and Voxnorth.

Debut concert

CONCERT: It was January 2012. 400 people visited the Music House in Aarhus to watch 13 singers improvise for an hour.

Bobby McFerrin Master Thesis

In 2008 I did my Master Thesis at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark. The subject of the thesis was Circlesongs by Bobby McFerrin, and I got the unique chance to follow him on tour with Voicestra in 2008. Here I transcribed the concerts and made a comparison for transcriptions of taped 1997 […]